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hop slide game

Hop Slide is a fantastic puzzle platformer that really does make you think outside the box – as you run two separate games in two separate windows ‘Hop‘ and ‘Slide‘ and use them to interact with one another.

Hop‘ is a puzzle platformer, while ‘Slide‘ is a tile sliding puzzle – but they only really work as intended when played together. One major interaction that you find out pretty quickly is that if you slide the tiles around in ‘Slide‘ it actulally alters how the different sections of the levels in ‘Hop‘ are joined together. But this is just the start of the possible interactions between the two games – each differently colored area in ‘Hop‘ requires you to interact with ‘Slide‘ in a unique and jaw-droppingly original way (we won’t spoil any of them here, but it’s VERY clever stuff).

If you’re remotely into puzzle games, then you have to play Hop Slide – an incredible puzzle platformer that does things we never thought possible. Highly recommended.

Controls:  WASD/Arrow Keys – Move Character,  Mouse – Slide Tiles

Available On:  Windows Only

Gameplay Video:  Here

Note:  Hop Slide is a very tricky game that requires you to think so far out the box that you may never solve it’s puzzles.  The Dev has left some hints on the download page, but if you’re really stuck on the red section decode this hint via rot13:  Obgu gubfr ohggbaf arrq gb or cerffrq fvzhygnarbhfyl.  Gbb onq gurer’f bayl bar bs lbh gubhtu…  Bayl bar punenpgre cre tnzr!

Download Hop Slide Here

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