Hope Falters – Downloadable Game

Hope Falters is an inventive and uplifting word-based puzzle game where you rearrange words to help hope flourish.

Created for Ludum Dare 54, Hope Falters is a puzzle game where you help hope overcome troublesome obstacles. The goal in each level is to guide the word “Hope” from the left side of the screen to the exit on the right.

You can slide the words around the screen and you can also split and join them. However if you split or join a word you need to make sure the word you’re moving is at least three letters long (and that it’s actually a word).

It’s a great little puzzler that has some very creative puzzle design and a wholesome message. See if you can help hope escape from the darkness!

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click and Drag

Available On: Windows and Browser

Download or Play Hope Falters Here

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