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Hor Game Download

Hor is a short, stylish and shocking point and click adventure in which you attempt to fix a blown lightbulb.

The following article contains minor spoilers so you might want to play the game before reading on (it only takes five minutes!)

You’re fumbling around in the dark for most of Hor, both figuratively and literally, as there’s very little light and you’re not sure where the narrative its going (or even if there is a narrative). As you progress through the different rooms there are various odd objects you’ll interact with, such as thorns on the floor, a door tied shut and a broken bottle, but it’s only in the final devastating scene where all the pieces fall into place (and the game’s title also makes more sense). A cleverly crafted adventure with a surprisingly powerful climax.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows Only

Download Hor Here

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