Hoshisaga Monochromatic – Browser Game

Hoshisaga Monochromatic is a clever little browser based experimental puzzler where you have to find a star that’s hidden in each level.

The goal in each level of Hoshisaga Monochromatic is simple – find the star. However the way yo go about finding each star is very different in each level. One minute you may be arranging food dishes, another you may be covering the screen in paint or even playing a classical dungeon crawling adventure.

It’s a great little game that’s packed full of visual trickery and inventive puzzle design. With 25 levels and 25 bonus levels, there’s lots of variety and lots of cleverly designed puzzles to figure out too. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers (Mobile Compatible)

Gameplay Video: Here

Play Hoshisaga Monochromatic Here

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