Hot Diggity – Downloadable Game

Hot diggity

Hot Diggity is a very cool endless drilling game in which you burrow ever down through the planets crust, building and upgrading your drilling machine on the go.

A huge terrible monster is devouring the planet and the only way you can escape it is down.  To do this you must drill down, collecting gold and avoiding explosive magma on your way.  Gold is used to add extra modules to the drill – engines, drills, lasers and coolers.  with these upgrades you must try and create the ultimate drilling machine and drill as fast and as far as possible.

Both burrowing and building is great fun in Hot Diggity, making for a highly addictive experience as you try to build an ultimate drilling machine.  We’d highly recommend giving it a go – you’ll really dig it.

Controls – WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Attach Parts/Aim Lasers

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download Hot Diggity Here

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