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hotline hyrule

Hotline Hyrule sees Zelda and Link storming Ganon’s Tower in fast paced and bloody Hotline Miami-Style gameplay, to bring the cocaine kingpin, Ganon, to his knees.

Created for the #femalelinkjam, Zelda and (female) Link  have travelled a long way to reach Ganon’s Tower, and are ready to kick ass and take names as they unleash their own brand of vigilante justice.  Controlling both characters simultaneously, Link cuts down enemies with her sword, while Zelda trails behind, picking off targets with her gun.

It’s a tough, bloody and fun game, that (much like Hotline Miami) has that all important one-more-go factor, as you know your next run will be better.  You’ll need quick reflexes and careful planning to hack and shoot your way through all seven floors, to kill Ganon and bring down his cocaine empire.  Otherwise the kingdom will become High-rule!

Controls:  WASD – Movement,  Mouse – Aim, LMB – Sword Attack (Link),  RMB – Shoot (Zelda)

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Hotline Hyrule Here

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