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House Party is a very silly Gang Beasts-esque physics based brawler that sees you attempting to remove badly behaved house guests from a party after the onset of a particularly bad migraine.

In House Party you take on the role of a guy who has thrown a house party. However, there are uninvited guests that are ruining it and giving you a severe migraine in the process. You now have to use your wobbly limbed physics based brawling skills to beat them up and evict as many of them from the party as possible before you are incapacitated.

Best played on a controller, House Party uses a grapppling based combat style reminiscent of Gang Beasts, with you grappling and punching with the LB/RB buttons, headbutting with X and jumping with A. The aim is to throw as many of them over the white boundary wall as possible – which is done by grabbing the guests with both hands then using the right analogue stick to move them. As you lose health and your migraine sets in even more, you’ll lose the ability to control some of your characters limbs, until eventually it’s game over.

The control scheme takes a little getting used to, but as with Gang Beasts, it’s fun even if you suck at the game, with plenty of slapstick brawling and jelly limbed ragdoll mayhem. It’s a fabulous bit of low poly physics based brawling, well worth crashing the party for.

Controls: Gamepad or Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Note: Be sure to grab guests with both arms or you won’t be able to show them.

Download House Party Here

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