Hoverator – Browser Game

Hoverator Game

Hoverator is a simple, but addictive little game the blends the gameplay of The Helicopter Game with dual control physics based rocketry as you attempt to use two thrusters to guide your craft through a randomly generated cavern.

The goal in Hoverator is simple – travel 1000m through a cavern without flipping over (or losing your cargo in Hard Mode). This is easier said than done though as piloting your little jet propelled craft can take a little getting used to!

You move by controlling your left and right thrusters independently, tilting in the direction you need to travel and hoping that you don’t bash into anything and go spinning out of control. This is tricky enough in normal mode, but hard mode ups the ante by adding a loose box of cargo that you need to balance on top of the craft while doing it. It’s a very addictive and chellenging little bit of rocket piloting well worth checking out.

Controls: Left/Right Cursor Keys – Left/Right Thrusters, Down – Restart

Available On: All Browsers

Play Hoverator Here

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