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How To Be a Tree is a wonderfully weird QWOP-like physics based platforming adventure where you learn the many ways to be a tree!

In How To Be a Tree you control a little tree that’s capable of some remarkable feats of agility (well, for a tree anyway). You can switch between three different forms (a stick, a tree and a big bushy tree), and you can contort your trunk and branches using the left and right keys. This gives you a rudimentary form of movement that can be used to overcome obstacles, grab collectables, avoid hazards as you make your way through a variety of levels and learn how to become a tree.

Much like your branches, there are branching pathways through How To Be a Tree, with most levels featuring two different possible endings which will set you on different paths on your way to one of the game’s sixteen different endings. The endings are all very different and some pathways will even unlock new abilities for your little tree, such as being able to grow roots or affect the wind.

It’s a very impressive game with a lot more depth and content than you may initially think. It’s got a great sense of humor, there are lots of secrets to discover and even once you’ve mastered the bizarre movement style it’ll still take some real skill to find all the branching pathways through the game. Highly recommended.

Controls: Left/Right – Curl/Uncurl, Up/Down – Switch Forms

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download How To Be a Tree Here

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