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Howard phillips lovecar game

Howard Phillips Lovecar is a strange and stylish top-down car combat game in which you drive through a desert, blasting as many cultists and Lovecraftian monsters as possible  before your inevitable demise.

Tonight is the night that all cultists gather in the nearby desert and perform rituals that summon The Great Old Ones – huge Lovecraftian cosmic deities that will take over the Earth. It’s up to you in your Howard Phillips Lovecar armed with a Tommy gun and a shotgun to shoot the cultists, break their summoning circles and blast those massive monsters back to the dimension they came from.

It’s a fun game that offers simple and addictive arcade action, paired with a generous helping go Lovecraftian horror and stylish pixel art visuals. Well worth taking for a spin for some adrenaline-fuelled monster blasting mayhem.

Controls:  Arrow Keys – Movement, Z/X – Shoot Left, C/V – Shoot Right

Available On: Win, Mac & Linux

Download Howard Phillips Lovecar Here

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