HRANA – Downloadable Game

HRANA is a beautiful little exploration game where you use the mouse to blow on different parts of the landscape and clear a path for a lone hiker.

Created by an artist while studying at The Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, HRANA is a peaceful exploration experience where you explore a surreal landscape based on the war-scarred region of Sudetenland. In the game you follow a lone hiker as they wander around the map and leave marks on places they’ve visited. You have no control of the hiker, but you can affect the direction they take through the map and remove obstacles by using the mouse to blow on certain areas.

It’s a fascinating little game with stunning hand painted scenery and lots of interesting locations to discover. A remarkable piece of interactive art that allows you to appreciate its vast landscape in minute detail. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download HRANA Here

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