Hug Me I’m Cold – Browser Game

hug me im cold

Hug Me I’m Cold is a charming little New Year-themed game in which you try to impress the girl of your dreams on a night when the world is going to end.

You’ve arranged to meet up with a girl you met on a dating app. It’s a cold wintery night, but you’ve decided to meet on a park bench and watch the fireworks and a giant glowing ball of death illuminate the night sky. You’re very nervous for two reasons – firstly, you quite like her, and secondly this will definitely be your only chance to make a connection with her as the world’s going to end.

To impress your date you’ll have to answer her (occasionally strange) questions, which you answer by guiding thoughts through neurons in your brain. You’re given a choice each time and much like real life, telling the truth is always harder than telling a lie – especially to someone you’re trying to impress. Will you manage to open up and show her who you really are before the end of the world? Hopefully, we could all do with a hug after this year!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Acailable On: All Browsers

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