Hug Your Mother – Browser Game

Hug Your Mother

Hug Your Mother is a simple, beautiful and very sad little game in which you attempt to save your mother from the physical abuse your father subjects her to.

Taking only a few minutes to play, Hug Your Mother takes the form of a very basic platformer in which you play as one block (the son) who must attempt to push the other block (the mother) to safety. Along the way you’ll meet others who give hollow offers of help and others who voice their thoughts on your predicament, but ultimately it’s up to you to try and save your mother.

The simple graphics belie a surprising amount of emotion, with a short and powerful experience that really will leave you wanting to hug your mother by the end of it.

Controls: A/D – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, E – Advance Dialogue, R – Restart

Available On: Unity Suported Browsers (Not Chrome)

Play Hug Your Mother Here

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