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Huldufólk is a short PS1 styled horror game that draws on Faroese folklore as an archaeologist surveys a build site in a remote location in the Faroe Isles, which is said to be home to strange elf-like creatures that don’t take kindly to visitors.

Created for the Folk-Horror game jam, Huldufólk is a short 10 minute horror game which follows the story of an American archaeologist who has been called in to survey a new build site so that building can continue. Before you visit the site you first check-in to the B&B that you’re staying at where the farmer who lives there gives you a warning about strange creatures called Huldufólk, who really don’t like being disturbed. Surely they’re just stories though, they can’t be real…

The ending of Huldufólk feels a little anticlimactic and rushed but the build up is excellent and the rural Faroese setting is a great location for a horror game. The retro PS1 styled visuals look fantastic and the area inside and around the B&B is particularly well crafted. In fact, it would be nice to spend a little more time there with the farmer and see some of his encounters with the Huldufólk!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interaction

Available On: Windows

Download Huldufólk Here

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