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HUMAN is a very creepy first person psychological horror game in which you explore a remote Alaskan research facility that’s cut contact with the outside world.

HUMAN is played as if you’re viewing some found footage that someone’s hacked from a government video stream and uploaded to the internet. Once you enter the game, your view is as if it’s from a head mounted video camera, complete with tracking lines, interference and occasional jumps where the footage has been edited.

The ‘jumps’ you experience aren’t all due to editing though – as you explore it soon becomes apparent that there’s some very strange stuff going on in the facility as you start to teleport short distances instantaneously. As well as being very unsettling and disorienting, these jumps add a puzzle element to the game, as you have to find the correct sequence of jumps to navigate through spaces.

There’s a great feeling of tension and malevolence as you explore the facility – something very bad has happened here and something very bad is still lurking within its corridors. As you progress you uncover memos left by employees that give fragments of information of what happened.  They were using their instruments to investigate climate change and started to pick up another signal… a signal that uncovers something that nobody believed existed, but which may end up dooming humanity forever (which may be a metaphor for climate change).

HUMAN isn’t just a very scary and well crafted psychological horror, it’s a thought provoking experience questions reality as it explores a dark space between sanity and madness. If you like your horror with a bit of substance, we highly recommend checking out HUMAN.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, RMB – Zoom, E – Interact, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows Only

Gameplay Video: Here

Download HUMAN Here

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