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Human Sickness

Human Sickness is a story driven zombie apocalypse survival management game in which you must decide who to allow into your facility and manage the day to day tasks of it’s inhabitants to ensure your survival.

The world has gone to pot, with a zombie outbreak spreading across the continent and people forced to do whatever they can to survive. This means (much like The Walking Dead) that resources and perhaps more importantly, trust are in short supply. There are a lot of survivors that come up and bang on your gates, looking for assistance, but you can’t admit them all. And more importantly, should you admit them all? Some may be infected or be attempting to raid your community.

The survivors that you do admit, can be a great help, with you able to manage their daily activities, tasking them with defending the facility, scouting, scavenging or raiding other camps. As you progress, you start to learn more about each character, about their life before the apocalypse and how they came to be the person they are now. You grow a connection with them, making you want to keep them safe from harm, knowing each new admittance and each raid may put them at risk.

It’s an interesting game, which is basically a Wakling Dead game in all but name (which is no bad thing). Sure, there may be a zombie outbreak ongoing, but it’s the human survivors that are the biggest danger.

Controls: Point & Click

Available on: Windows

Download Human Sickness Here

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