HumDrum – Downloadable Game

HumDrum is an odd little narrative driven adventure where an aspiring writer achieves success or dies miserably.

Created by Sunshine Error, creator of The Sunday Museum, HumDrum is a branching narrative driven adventure where you attempt to write a successful poetry book. A large part of this involves inserting words into your poem to make it rhyme. This is easier said than done as the words keep on changing and you have to select them at the right time to insert the correct one.

If you mismatch one of the rhyming words you may well be on your way to failure and death. However there are different dialogue options and little mini games that may change your fate.

It’s a fun little game with a great pixel art visual style, a dark sense of humour and multiple endings to discover. Writing a successful book requires precision timing and a little perseverance but even if you fail the outcomes are very entertaining.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download HumDrum Here

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