HYPERCONTENTICA – Downloadable Game

HYPERCONTENTICA takes an unsettling look at what the future may hold as you plug yourself into a metaverse saturated with content, ads and useless information.

In HYPERCONTENTICA you are a premium subscriber to Neuroverse – a vast digital metaverse where you like to plug into each day and relax on a sunny beach. Or rather, you WERE a premium subscriber. It looks like your subscription has just expired so you’re now on the basic plan, which means to reach that tranquil beach you’ll first have to endure interactive advertisements where you complete challenges while being bombarded with ads. While this may sound like a nightmare, your character is clearly hooked on the Neuroverse and continues to jack in each day…

At the moment the interactive ads are more entertaining than the beach area (which could be fixed with a little more interactivity in the beach area or maybe even some different destinations). However, it’s a clever concept and it delivers a rather chilling vision of the inevitable future of digital metaverses. Maybe it’s time to ditch the digital beach and venture into the real world!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, LMB – Interact

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux


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