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I Feel Fantastic is an extremely weird QWOP-like android bride simulator based on the equally bizarre I Feel Fantastic YouTube video by John Bergeron.

I Feel Fantastic is a very strange experience with retro PS1-era visuals, awkward QWOP-like controls and a creepy synth soundtrack. As with the original I Feel Fantastic YouTube video, it’s hard to make any sense of what the game is about, but it’s a thoroughly bizarre and oddly unsettling experience.

It’s loosely inspired by the tale of Pygmalion from ancient Greek mythology, who created a statue bride in his quest to create a perfect, pure, unsullied companion. If you’d like to delve more into the mystery of it, there are lots of conspiracy theories about the original video (which you can read more about here).

There’s no goal in I Feel Fantastic – you just switch cameras and move the limbs of the android bride about – but much like the original video it’s a strangely captivating experience. Not sure if you’ll feel fantastic after playing this game, but you will feel very weird!

Controls: Control Pad or Keyboard (Just Experiment)

Available On: Windows & Mac

Gameplay Video: Here

Download I Feel Fantastic Here

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