I Foresee You – Browser Game

I Foresee You

I Foresee You is a charming and surprisingly graphic little game in which you must take pictures of cute little bunnies on an island just moments before a nuclear bomb explodes and wipes them all out.

These bunnies aren’t as cute and innocent as they first look – they enjoy nothing more that a bit of fornication and bloodlust – and you are tasked with taking pics of them in the act (as well as snapping other oddities like a rude looking cloud).  To take these pictures you zoom in by selecting the relevant area on the onscreen grid (which corresponds to the keys on your keyboard numberpad), then pressing spacebar when the target is in the frame.

You get points for every interesting thing you take a pic of on the island, an must also fulfil six cryptic objectives, such as taking pictures of bunnies enjoying some ‘bunny love’.  There’s lots to find as you scan the island unearthing it’s secrets and discovering the dark secrets of the bunnies.  These are some very bad bunnies – maybe that’s why the island is getting nuked in the first place!

Controls:  Keypad – Zoom into the corresponding sector,  Spacebar – Take Picture

Available On:  All Unity Supported Browsers (Not Chrome)

Tip:  Complete all the objectives and you’ll unlock a new game mode!

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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