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I Have A Fear is a fantastic first person psychological horror adventure set within the developer’s unfinished games, exploring multiple types of fear and the dev’s own personal fears.

A debeaut project by Taki Games, I Have A Fear takes you on a journey of fear, introspection and fourth-wall breaking, interspersed with a little humor and a lot of nerve-wracking horror. In the game you explore some of the developer’s “unfinished” projects and stumble across something dark lurking within them. There are many fears that the game explores, but there’s one right at the heart of it that has to be overcome.

I Have A Fear takes around 1-2 hours to play through and has an overarching story that is split up into different games that would make for excellent little horror games in their own right. Each game explores a different fear, explores different gameplay mechanics and has a different horrifying monster lurking within it. They also all require you to pay attention and figure out how to deal with each monster – just running away rarely works.

If there’s one criticism that can be aimed at I Have A Fear (aside from the occasional grammatical error) then it’s that it can be extremely frustrating at times – thanks to there being very few checkpoints and some of the levels being very tough. Other than that though it’s a very well crafted horror game with lots of inventive twists and a surprisingly touching overarching narrative. Very highly recommended.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, E – Interact, Shift – Run

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download I Have A Fear Here

9 thoughts on “I Have A Fear – Download Game”

  1. I don’t know who reads this, and I don’t know if anyone does, but if the developer did, I would like to tell you: great job, man. Seriously, I looked for a couple possible ways to contact someone here (sadly I couldn’t contact anyone directly so I used this).
    Anyways, thanks to Alpha Beta Gamer, I got to see this game, which I think I’ll try out for myself.
    I hope you have a future in game design or development or something along those lines because it seems to me like you do.
    Here’s to hopes you (or anyone who reads this) have a good summer and/or Christmas and/or St, Patrick’s Day if they ever they see this.

  2. Cool game dude! I downloaded this game late at night with my friend cause we were looking for something spooky to play and I saw a youtuber play this game and I thought “Huh, this game looks neat” so I decided to download it and went on a discord call with my friends and I streamed it to them while playing (I do this pretty often with my friends). It was fun showing my friends this game and I hope to see more creepy symbolic horror stuffs in the future :).

  3. This is a masterpiece. The fluidity of transitions through stages of fear is reflective, and perfectly highlights the human fight against the darkness in ourselves. Adrian, no matter what, keep making these games. Your gift of storytelling encourages introspection in a world of external living.

    Have. No. Fear.

  4. There are a lot of things about this game that are really beautiful, as others have said.
    I find the grammatical problems frustrating because they hold back the tone of the game from being properly received (and make the message unclear in a couple of places). If either the author or ABG sees these comments, I’d love to go through the game’s text and just fix the errors. There are a few places where I’d need to ask Adrian what he meant, but a lot of it is straight forward enough as-is.

    I think it’s worth mentioning that, even though English isn’t his native language and he doesn’t seem to be fluent in it, he still makes a great effort to make nuanced use of his narrations and I think he has some success. I thought the rope bridge sequence was probably the best example of that.

    Either way, Adrian, you did a great job. It’s really quite impressive work.

  5. This game was a masterful, painfully relevant representation of what solo game dev is like. I don’t have any friends that do it and have struggled to express how it feels sometimes, but your work here has truly captured how terrifying and lonely it can feel.

    Hold your head up high, this is a truly memorable game and an honest motivation to keep going. Bless you.

  6. your game looks awesome one that shows your progress in development and creating. at first no colors, then designing, then lighting. your skills in atmosphere and sound design work well and make for some creepy places and some of the monster were spine shivering to me. keep working. you have on eye now but soon you will have eyes for days. and one line of advice ”aim for one target, not them all” you cant please everyone so just do YOU.

  7. just saw alphabetagamer’s video and felt the need to comment here how much i liked it. All the monsters were so cool, the creepy enviroment is on point, the mechanics are nice, fun and easy to comprehend, its all really well done. You got a lot of potential, my dude

  8. I’ve played/watched lets plays of a lot of horror games throughout my life and this was the first one where I stuck around to see the credits. Amazing work dude. You nailed atmosphere, scares, and enemy design without being cheesy or stereotypical. There’s definitely a lot of talent and I hope there’s more where that all came from 🙂

  9. after watching alpha beta gamer’s gameplay on youtube, i’m left in shock, uneasy, sad, and immersed. this game really spoke out to me about fears. thank you adrian for making this and sharing your work with the public. it’s a job greatly done 💛

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