I Have Brig Plans – Browser Game

I have brig plans

I Have Brig Plans is a wonderful space management puzzler inn which you must build cells for prisoners that were captured during a great war.

You must build cells in the limited space you are given to accommodate your prisoners needs. Each prisoner has a required amount of space and is one of four classes (human, cockroach, energy being, and shape shifter, each of which has their own specific requirements (energy beings can’t be next to each other, humans need rectangular cells, etc.). It can be pretty tricky cramming all your prisoners into the designated area, but it’s possible with a little bit of problem solving.

I Have Brig Plans has a takes a simple idea and executes it brilliantly. The puzzle design, audio and story all come together to create a superb logic based puzzler that will tax your grey matter and delight in equal measures. A perfect prison-based puzzler.

Controls:  Point, Click & Drag

Available On:  All Browsers

Play I Have Brig Plans Here

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