I Like Walking Very Much – Downloadable Game

I like walking very much download

I Like Walking Very Much is a beautiful little oddity in which you control a rather hideous looking spider monster as it goes for a walk through the undergrowth.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s a charming little game with Limbo-esque silhouetted visuals, that allows you to view things from another perspective. In the game all you do is walk and climb through the undergrowth and take in the beautiful scenery. There may be other creatures out there, but you don’t really care about them – you like walking, you like walking very much!

The creature you control may look like a grotesque, spindly legged beast, but after spending some time with it, you begin to appreciate it’s beauty – a dainty little thing, perfectly adapted to crawling through the undergrowth. There may be some some real monsters out there though…hopefully you don’t meet any of them!

Controls: WASD – Movement

Available On:  Windows & Mac

Download I Like Walking Very Much

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