I Remember It All – Downloadable Game

I Remember It All is a beautifully told and incredibly disturbing psychological horror game that explores themes of domestic abuse as a young man explores his house and recalls memories of his boyfriend.

In I Remember It All you follow the story of a young man who is exploring his house and reminiscing about his boyfriend. As you explore the house different objects you encounter trigger different memories, some of which start pleasantly enough, but soon end with you being abused in some way by your boyfriend. You then unlock more of the house as you progress and discover more of the harrowing story.

It’s a hard hitting and unsettling little game, but it’s also beautifully told with some eloquent and poetic writing. Each new memory is a harrowing ordeal, and despite everything you can see that your character genuinely loved (as well as feared) their boyfriend. It’s a powerful game that does a great job of exploring the mindsets of victims of domestic abuse and their abusers. Highly recommended.

Controls: Keyboard

Available On: Windows

Download I Remember It All Here

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