I Want To Eat The Sun – Download Game

I Want To Eat The Sun Game Download

I Want To Eat The Sun is an addictive and super tough little arcade game in which you attempt to eat as many planets as possible so that you can grow large enough to eat the Sun!

In I Want To Eat The Sun you control a planet-sized monster which can expand its jaws and smash them closed to eat planets. You control your movement by pointing in a direction and pressing the LB button on the control pad and pressing RB to close your jaws. This allows for fairly precise high speed movement as you dart from planet to planet, eating them all up.

With every few planets you eat you’ll grow slightly larger, allowing you to eat larger planets and eventually the Sun. You have to be very quick though as you only have 60 seconds to grow large enough to eat the Sun – which is a real challenge and will require some real precision chomping!

It’s a fun little game that offers some adrenaline-fuelled planet chomping gameplay, catchy audio and stylish pixel art visuals. A precision planetary picnicker well worth picking up.

Controls: Left Stick – Rotate, LB – Move, RB – Chomp (Control Pad Only)

Available On: Windows, Mac & Linux

Gameplay Video: Here

Download I Want To Eat the Sun Here

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