Icara’s Takeoff – Browser Game

Icaras Takeoff Game Download

Icara’s Takeoff is a clever little puzzle platformer in which you shift the rooms around like a slider puzzle to help Icarus’ sister collect enough feathers and take off into the heavens.

Icara’s Takeoff plays like a traditional platformer, with you able to run and jump around the area on your quest for feathers. However, once you collect the first feather a timer starts that signifies the amount of time you have to collect the next one and you have a nifty ability that allows you to re-arrange the level around you to help you to do so! You have 12 feathers to collect in total and will have to deal with enemies towards the end too as you shuffle the stage around for Icara.

It’s a clever premise that makes for a fun little game, offering a nice mixture of platforming and puzzling as you attempt to collect all the feathers. Well worth taking for a test flight.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Spacebar – Jump, C- Freeze Time

Available On: All Browsers

Play Icara’s Takeoff Here

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