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ICBM is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek pixel perfect simulation of life as an ICBM commander during the cold war between America and Russia.

Drawing inspiration from the combat simulations of the 90’s, ICBM faithfully recreates the day to day life of an ICBM commander, as you take shifts at your work console during the cold war.  You sit in front of a wonderfully detailed recreation of an ICBM launch console, full of fully functional buttons, dials and computer screens – but of course you’re not allowed to touch them unless you  get ordered to do so (and these orders may never come).  What this means it that the five ‘exciting’ missions basically entail you sitting in front of your console waiting for your relief to show up!

The mundanity of your job is in stark contrast to the rather OTT mission start screens, the superb intro, and the wonderfully nostalgic 80s TV ending (yes you can actually ‘complete’ the game!).  Tellingly, ICBM was released on April the 1st, as it is in essence one big joke, but it’s an excellent one that we’d highly recommend playing through to completion.  Life may not be exciting as an ICBM commander, but the superb sense of humor, beautifully crafted pixel art animation, attention to detail and fantastic presentation make ICBM a must play.  Superbly silly stuff.

Controls:  Mouse – Point & Click,   Spacebar – Pause,   There are also some ‘hidden’ keys to find to relieve the boredom

Available On:  Windows

Download The Full Game Here

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