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iii is a charming and mysterious little metroidvania in which you play a one-eyed cat who explores underground cavern systems, offers assistance to people he meets and earns new skills and the ability to flip between multiple dimensions.

At the start of iii your little one eyed cat wakes up in a strange cavern system populated by deadly creatures and quirky characters. As you only have one eye you can only see one dimension of the cave system, but as you explore you’ll find more eyes that can allow you to see more – with you pressing the down button to switch between dimensions. Some of these eyes you’ll find lying around, while others (along with useful skills like double jumping) can be earned by assisting the residents of the caves in different ways.

Created for Ludum Dare 38, iii takes around 10 minutes to complete and offers a wonderfully atmospheric and minimalist take on the metroidvania genre. The spooky and magical little cave system is a joy to explore and it’s great fun unearthing its secrets. A charming cave crawling catroidvania well worth checking out.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Up – Save, Down – Switch Dimensions, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows

Download iii Here

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