I’m Sorry – Browser Game

im sorry game

I’m Sorry is a short and personal little puzzle game that tells a story of love, hate, heartbreak and picking up the pieces – perhaps not the most uplifting game for Valentine’s Day, but a heartfelt experience that is the product of real love.

I’m Sorry’s short narrative is relayed via a series of single screen snapshots taken at different times during different points of a relationship. Each scene has a puzzle piece missing from the centre of it and you have to manipulate the cursor in different ways to slot it into place. The way you interact with the puzzle piece is slightly different each time, making it a little tricky to ‘pick up the pieces’ and piece your life together again. It’s a cleverly crafted and bittersweet tale of love – not happy love, but love nonetheless.

Controls: Mouse – Move Cursor To Move Puzzle Piece

Available On: All Browsers

Play I’m Sorry Here

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