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Imagine Lifetimes is an interesting little narrative driven simulation game that literally allows you to live out an entire lifetime, from conception to death, making all the important life decisions along the way.

In Imagine Lifetimes you get to live out an entire lifetime in 10 minutes, with you making a full lifetime of decisions from cradle to coffin. Each playthrough is slightly randomized, with some different choices for you to choose from, but it essentially follows the same format, with your decisions affecting how your life plays out.

As a child you’ll make decisions such as what your first words will be, who your friends will be and what you’ll study at school. Once you’re an adult you can then choose whether you want to travel the world, find a partner, get a job, have a child or purchase a house. As well as decisions, there are some fun minigames peppered in throughout and at the end of it all you can retire and watch the clock tick but until you pop your clogs.

It’s a fun little experience that allows you to live out a wide variety of different lifetimes in a very short time and there are six different endings to discover. The visual design is excellent and the possibilities are endless. A real game of life.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Imagine Lifetimes Here

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