Imperil – Browser Game


Imperil is very cool pixel art platformer in which you play a shadowy figure who must make his way through an extensive, secret filled cavern system, battling enemies, discovering new powers and solving puzzles.

Starting off in a cave, with no instructions about who you are and why you’re there, you set forth and explore the vast labyrinthine cave system. The caves are split up into different areas, with you able to use a different special power in each – such as the ability to create mid-air platforms or to use telekinesis on blocks. Each to these powers is used in novel ways thought the areas, and add a nice bit of variety to the game.

The pixel art visuals and audio are excellent throughout, making exploring the secret filled depths of the cave system a joy. It’s worth taking the time to find all as many secrets as possible too, as you can trade the glowing orbs for heath bonuses from a merchant – which may come in handy for the final showdown!

Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD – Movement, Z -Jump, X – Attack, C – Special Power

Available On: All Browsers

Play Imperil Here

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