Impulse – Browser Game

Impulse is an incredibly tough combo-chasing bullet hell shooter in which the only way you or your enemies can be destroyed is by being repelled into the arena walls.

In each arena of Impulse your aim is to score enough points to activate the exit portal to the next level. The score required is pretty massive so the only feasible way to achieve it is to rack up a large multiplier by destroying enemies and collecting bonuses.

Your impulse gun doesn’t kill your enemies, but it does repel them short distances. You need to repel your enemies into walls to kill them, earning points and an increase multiplier in the process. However, the enemies are constantly swarming you and if they come into contact with you then you are knocked back and lose your multiplier. Worse still, if they knock you into a wall then you’ll die and it’s game over. Your survival (and success) is reliant on you keeping moving, dodging enemies and repelling as many of them as possible into the surrounding walls.

It’s a very challenging game, that will see you die repeatedly, but it’s very addictive and there’s a real sense of achievement to be had from completing each level (even if it’s just to die again on the next one). You’ll need some real skill to beat this intense blend of bullet hell and bumper cars!

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim, LMB (Hold) – Fire, Spacebat – Enter the Exit

Available On All Browsers

Play Impulse Here

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