In Memory of the Eternity – Downloadable Game

in memory of the eternity game

In Memory of the Eternity is a short and surreal puzzle adventure in which you zoom into specific points of each scene and interact with it in a meaningful way – from screwing in a lightbulb to putting a scorpion into someone’s drinking flask.

Note:  Spoilers ahead, we’d recommend playing the game before reading on.

You are given no instructions when loading up In Memory of the Eternity, you’re just greeted with a solar system-style map which you can click on to transport you into mysterious hand drawn dreamscapes. Every strange place you visit in this map contains more than meets the eye, with surreal visuals, symbolism and a mysteries to be solved (which generally involves placing something into or on-top of another thing).

In In Memory of the Eternity you’re not bad, although you can do bad things, and you’re not good although can you do some good things – you are just a presence, an entity that makes things happen. During the game you experience life in all different shapes and sizes and impact them in unique ways – some mundane, some sad and some funny. In Memory of the Eternity is all about embracing the many aspects of life – horror, happiness and everything in-between. After-all, all life is a miracle and we should be thankful for every sad, mad, happy, surreal, grotesque and beautiful second of it.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download In Memory of the Eternity Here (Pay What You Want or Free)

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