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In Vicious Circle game

In Vicious Circle is an interesting game in which you play an old man who’s dying of a heart attack and must decide how he spends the last 30 seconds of his life.

There’s no right or wrong action to take in In Vicious Circle, no matter what you do you’re going to die, it’s up to you to decide what your final actions are before it happens. There’s no strict time limit, but generally you’re allowed to perform one action before you die. These can range from stroking a cat to ordering a pizza, and each of these actions often unveils a little more about the old mans life – his job, his past, his family, his favorite drink, etc.

There’s a very sedate pace to In Vicious Circle which initially can feel a little irksome, but the more time you spend with the old man and the more you learn of his life, the more you’re drawn into the experience. He’s lived a full life and you feel honoured to spend his last few seconds of it with him.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Select Item to Interact With

Available On: Windows & Mac

Download In Vicious Circle Here

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