Incredipede – Browser Game


Incredipede is a very cleverly designed QWOP-like puzzle platformer in which you design and attempt to move your multi-limbed creature over obstacles to the finish line.

In Incredipede you control a strange multi-limbed creature whose family has all been captured by invaders. You have escaped capture but must travel across your island to find another village to warn them and get help. Getting to the village may be a little tricky though as you’re not exactly built for the task (yet).

You have the ability to modify the limbs of your character then use them to scale the obstacles the terrain throws up at you. Creating cool looking monsters is easy, but making one that’s suited to the task at hand is a little tougher – especially because of the awkward QWOP-style controls that can often send you in the totally wrong direction!  It’s a fun game with a great hand drawn visual style and creature-building gameplay that’s a joy to play around with.  Can you build the ultimate creature?

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Arrange limbs

Available On: All Browsers

Play Incredipede Here

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