Indigo Park: Chapter 1 – Downloadable Game

Indigo Park: Chapter 1 is a mascot horror game that’s actually good and has an AI companion that you actually like.

In Indigo Park you are exploring an old abandoned theme park that’s home to Rambley the Raccoon – an AI driven tour guide who’s quite cheerful considering the state of the theme park. It’s been abandoned for years and is now seriously dilapidated so nothing works properly. Thankfully Rambley will help guide you through, but it seems that some of the other mascots won’t be so friendly.

This is just the first chapter of Indigo Park, so don’t expect a dramatic conclusion, but it’s a lot of fun nonetheless. Some of the scares are a little cliche and a creepy abandoned theme park isn’t exactly new territory for a horror game, but it’s well executed and the level design is excellent. By far the best thing is Rambley himself though – the voice accent and dialogue for him is very well done. A combination of his upbeat nature and some great little gags make him very endearing, and he’s a large part of why you’ll want to continue exploring the park (you’d feel guilty leaving the poor guy alone). Highly recommended,

Controls: Mouse and Keyboard

Available On: Windows (Steam)

Download Indigo Park: Chapter 1 Here

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