Infineural – Downloadable Game

Infineural is a short psychological horror game which only really starts to shock you once you begin to really contemplate what just happened in it.

Created by Mike KlubInika (creator of Control Room Alpha and For The Entity) Infineural is a short time dilation horror game where you go look to earn a lot of extra cash for just five minutes of your time. You’ve agreed to partake in a research study at a mysterious facility called Infineural. It seems they have the ability to transfer your consciousness to a robotic body and use warp drive technology to stretch one minute into ten years. So for every one minute that passes in normal time, ten years will have passed in the facility. You have no idea what happens during that time and doesn’t really matter though as you won’t remember any of it. As long as you drink a special coffee anyway…

It’s a great little game that gets more horrifying the more you think about it. There are no jump scares or monsters, just a touch of dark humor and a very clever Sci-Fi premise. Just be sure to drink that coffee!

Controls: WASD – Movement, E – interact, Spacebar – Select

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Infineural Here

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