Infinity Inc. – Browser Game

infinity inc

Infinity Inc. is a fun puzzle play former in which you create clones of yourself and sacrifice them as you make your escape from a research facility.

Unfortunately to way out of the research facility is filled with deadly traps and hazards, but fortunately you come across a Nuclear Cloning Gun – a powerful weapon capable of creating and killing clones of yourself.  To make it past the research facilities security you’ll have to create clones, co-operate with them and kill them in many different blood-splattering ways.

Infinity Inc. not only impresses with it’s fun cloning gameplay, the pixel art visuals are excellent (particularly your characters adorable crawling animation) and the audio is superb – definitely best played with the volume up while you splatter innocent clone blood across the floors!

Controls: WAD – Movement, L – Clone, I – Switch, J – Shoot

Available On:  All Browsers

UPDATE: This Game Is No Longer Available

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