Ingeste – Browser Game

Ingeste is an odd little Pico-8 powered fan game that inserts Kirby into slightly modified versions of the levels in the original game jam version of Celeste.

For those unaware, before Celeste was released as a 10/10 IGN scoring indie precision platforming adventure, it started life as a Pico-8 powered game jam prototype. Ingeste takes the levels of the original jam version, alters the color palate a little, makes a few minor structural changes and swaps out the main character for Kirby.

Due to the fact that Kirby can fly, Ingest is a LOT easier than Celeste. There are only really a handful of challenging moments during its short playtime, but it’s a fun little game that gives you a whole new way to experience the beautiful pixelated mountainscape of Celeste.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Movement, Z – Jump/Flap, X – Inhale

Available On: All Browsers

Play Ingeste Here

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