INK – Downloadable Game


INK is a fun, fast paced Super Meat Boy-esque platformer in which you use paint to discover the world around you.

Each level starts with most (or all) of the platforms totally invisible – the only way to find them is by splatting them with paint.  Thankfully you are made of paint, so anywhere you move gets a coating of your effluence, and every time you double jump you emit little droplets that may help locate platforms.

Needless to say, in a precision platformer where you can’t see the platforms, you will die a lot.  But that’s part of the fun, as you explore levels and discover hidden surfaces with your paint splatter.  It’s an inventive, fun and challenging action platformer – a great excuse to make a mess.

Controls:  Keyboard or Gamepad

Available On: Windows Only

UPDATE: Unfortunately As It’s Just Released On Steam, The Free Full Game Download For Ink Is No Longer Available.  But You Can Purchase Ink On Steam Here.

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