Insomnis Experiment – Downloadable Game

Insomnis Experiment is an unsettling first person horror game where you enter a facility where people were kept awake for fifteen days as part of an experiment.

Drawing inspiration from “The Russian Sleep Experiment” creepypasta, Insomnis Experiment is an intense 10 minute horror game set in a facility where humans were pushed over the brink of insanity. During the 1940’s five test subjects were kept awake for fifteen days through the use of experimental gas stimulants. Now as you explore the facility you’ll learn exactly what happened there and what went wrong.

It’s a walking simulator style game, so there’s not a whole lot of interactivity, but it has a very tense atmosphere, the audio/visual design is great and the story is very intriguing. By the end you’ll have a whole new appreciation for your beauty sleep!

Controls: Mouse & Keyboard

Available on: Windows

Download Insomnis Experiment Here

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