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Interview is a short and surprisingly nerve-wracking little game in which you attempt to pass an interview for an Apple-esque tech company to land your dream job.

In Interview you have 10 minutes to impress the CEO of Hammertronics, a cutting edge tech company that manufactures smartphones. You’re applying for a job as a Quality Manager and have prepared a short cheat sheet of useful information that might help you land the job (if you can remember the info during the interview). An interview isn’t just about memorising information though, your interviewer asks you a wide variety of information about yourself and about the company so you’ll have to think fast if you want to land that job!

Interview may look simple, but it offers a remarkably good simulation of a real interview experience. You get a feeling that the questions are designed to get to know who you are and how well you’d fit into the company, rather than just a simple gamified quiz. It’s also worth playing through multiple times as there are four normal endings, one secret ending and a few fun easter eggs to discover. Whatever you do, you’re sure to do better than Spud!

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Windows

Download Interview Here

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