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Interview with the Whisperer is a very clever little text based adventure that uses Chatbot technology as you visit an old man who claims to have created a machine that can talk to God.

In Interview with the Whisperer you take on the role of a journalist who has travelled to a remote home in the countryside to do an interview with an old man who claims he can talk to God via a machine that he built. Your aim is to learn more about the man and the machine and to get him to trust you enough to allow you to use it.

Your interactions in the game are entirely text based, with you typing out questions you’d like to ask the old man and he answers them (often in great detail). You’re not limited to basic word combinations as in most text-based adventures though – the game uses an online Chatbot AI to figure out what your questions are and then answer accordingly.

It’s a great little Sci-Fi mystery adventure that really impresses with its Chatbot AI implementation and delivers a great narrative too. There are some excellent twists along the way and the old man’s interpretation of what God is works really well (his answers are more believable than any real religion’s anyway!)

Controls: Keyboard – Type

Available On: Windows

Download Interview with the Whisperer Here

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