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Into is a short and beautiful ‘second person surreal coming-out-of-age’ story in which you discuss your innermost thoughts with your soul mate.  As Into is a very short game, it’s impossible to discuss it without spoiling the story, so we’d highly recommend playing it before reading on (Warning, contains partial, but very blurry, nudity).

Into is played entirely via a selection of beautifully animated (and voice acted) semi-static scenes, in which a girl and a boy are discussing their innermost thoughts with each other. Among other things, they discuss how they perceive people and how people perceive them. Initially it seems as if they are best friends or soul mates, but it’s not until the final scene where everything falls into place. Of course they’re soul mates – they’re the same person.

During it’s short playtime, Into highlights the fact that there is much more to people than what you can see on the surface (something that’s even more obvious on the second playthrough). It’s a message that doesn’t just relate to sexuality or gender, it’s pertinent to everybody – a person isn’t just what people see on the surface.

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On:  Win & Mac

Download Into Here (Pay What You want or Free)


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