Introspectus – Browser Game


Introspectus is a beautiful little point and click narrative in which you plot your way through a surreal dream world, filled with hazards which may wake you up prematurely if you’re not careful.

Each beautifully drawn storyboard of Introspectus contains a choice of actions for your character, sending you deeper into the dream as you explore its surreal world.  The artwork and audio impress throughout Introspectus, making this a beautiful and interesting dream world that’s a joy to explore.

If you ancounter a hazard (of which there are many) and fail to click on the hot-spot on the screen in time, you’ll wake up with a realisation that you’re having a nightmare, but if you continue on you’ll have an important revelation about yourself.

Controls:  Point & Click

Available On: All Browsers

Play Introspectus Here

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