Inuit Uppirijatuqangit – Download Game

Inuit Uppirijatuqangit is a charming little experience where you search for people scattered around an Inuit community and learn lots of interesting pieces of Inuit mythology.

More of an interactive experience than a game, in Inuit Uppirijatuqangit you explore four unique areas of an Inuit community and click on the various people you find to learn about Inuit mythology. When you click on an Inuit then a you’ll be greeted with a short description of a particular myth and a charming little pixel art animation that depicts it.

It doesn’t take long to find all the different myths in each scene, but it’s a fun little experience with some excellent pixel art animation, a great soundtrack and lots of strange myths to discover. There are some nice ones, such as “if you spend time with the elderly, you’ll live longer”, sensible ones like “if you are lazy when hunting, then animals will be too lazy to show up” and some downright bizarre ones like “don’t laugh at a farting dog or a spot will appear on your forehead”. They’re all very interesting though and the animated pixel art depictions of them are very well done.

Controls: Mouse – Point, Click & Drag, M – Go Back to Map Selection Screen

Available On: Windows

Gameplay Video: Here

Download Inuit Uppirijatuqangit Here

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