INVITATIONEM is a surreal and cinematic occult horror point and click adventure where a car breakdown leads you to a mysterious old house with some very dark secrets.

The set-up of INVITATIONEM deliberately draws inspiration from horror movie stereotypes – a breakdown in the middle of nowhere, a conveniently placed spooky house, etc. However, what happens in that house is far from normal and the game takes some very dark and surreal twists as you explore it.

INVITATIONEM plays like a fairly simple point and click adventure, with you searching for useful items and automatically using them when you click on the correct place. It has some fun little puzzles which have randomized solutions for each playthrough. It’s thefreaky creatures and the atmosphere that really makes INVITATIONEM a must play though.

It’s a very cinematic experience, thanks largely to the excellent sound design, great framing of each scene and a lot of other clever little touches (such as the way the “camera” is always moving slightly). It’s a very polished and well crafted horror experience, which is even more remarkable considering it’s the devs first game. Highly recommended.

Controls: Mouse – Point & Click

Available On: Browser

Gameplay Video: Here


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