Iron Snout+ – Browser Game

Iron Snout+ game

Iron Snout+ is a simple, addictive and wonderfully brutal fighting game in which you control a little pig as he fends off hordes of bloodthirsty wolves.

Iron Snout+ (the sequel to the original Iron Snout) offers easily accessible reflex testing combat as you play an ass kicking pig who can’t move left or right, but can use the arrow keys to jump, duck and attack in different directions. The wolves come in lots of (often humorous) shapes and sizes, with unique weaponry and attack styles to deal with.

You have a nice selection of Kung Fu kicks and punches at your disposal to dispatch the wolves and can even pluck weapons out of the air then use them. You only have a set amount of health, which doesn’t regenerate, so you’ll need to use your full repertoire of dodges, jumps, punches and kicks as you attempt to survive for as long as possible (and look like a badass in the process).

Iron Snout+ offers two unique environments populated by different types of wolves, a hardcore 1hp mode and even a WIP 1v1 local multiplayer volleyball mode. It’s a great little game, that offers up a fun slice of beat-em-up action packed full of fast paced reflex testing combat and OTT cartoon violence.

Controls: Arrow Keys – Jump/Duck/Attack

Available On: Browser, iOS & Android

Play Iron Snout Here

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