Isletography – Browser Game

Isletography is a delightful little first person puzzle platforming adventure where you take photographs while scaling to the peak of an island in search of your new boss.

Created for the VimJam 2: Boss game jam, in Isletography you take on the role of a photographer who has been hired to snap some photos of a charming little wilderness camp on an island. As you explore you can chat to various visitors and take photos of key objects. However, it seems that your new boss is missing, and there are some very big footsteps leading away from his last location…

It only takes around 15 minutes to play through Isletography, but your visit to its charming island will be a delightful one. Its vibrant pixel art visuals, quirky characters and lighthearted ending will all brighten your day and make you wish more places were like its idyllic little island.

Note: If you get stuck, talk to the rabbit who is inspecting footprints

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Look, Q – Camera, LMB – Take Picture, Spacebar – Jump

Available On: Windows, Mac & Browser

Download or Play Isletography Here

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