Isolation Station Annihilation – Browser Game

Isolation Station Annihilation is a short and intense physics-based zero gravity Sci-Fi horror action game where you attempt to escape from a space station that’s overrun with alien monsters.

In Isolation Station Annihilation you step into the spacesuit of a lone astronaut in a space station full of dead bodies and deadly aliens. You’ll need to find a gun, fend off the aliens, open the escape pod bay doors and make it to the escape pod, but doing so isn’t going to be easy!

There are a lot of aliens floating about the ship and you have a very limited amount of ammo so you really need to conserve as much as possible – running away is often a better strategy then fighting. You have to be careful when moving about the station though as your suit’s helmet is pretty fragile, if it takes too many blows it’ll break and you’ll be an ex-tronaut.

It’s a great little game with a very tense atmosphere and a nice selection of freaky aliens to deal with. The weapon, ammo and enemy placement is randomized each time you play too, so you’re never sure what nasty surprises await in the next area.

Note: It’s not immediately obvious, but you have to hold the down button (S) to scroll down to the start screen of the game.

Controls: WASD – Movement, Mouse – Aim/Fire

Available On: Browser

Play Isolation Station Annihilation Here

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